I wish I could condense in few words the path, the effort and the emotions that shaped the history of my company.

The passion for the study and working of gemstones profoundly marked my life. My name is Franco Magalini, and I am an expert at precious metals, diamonds, and gold. I started in 1964 when I was still a boy. I have become a member IGI (Italian Gemological Institute) since its foundation. I am a member of the Diamond Exchange and the Italian WFDB (World Federation Diamond Bourses).

I design, produce and select jewelry.

From fifty years, my company is the leader in manufacturing field and in trading of gold jewelry and precious stones. I instilled all my experience and my philosophy in my children, Monica and Alessandro.

Together we create elegant and stylish jewelry collections, moving between a classic style and originality; however, we are always attentive to refinement and elegance, the strengths of our creations.

With pride, I want to present the M. D.I. Maga Diamonds International: our trademark that guarantees the selection of the best rough diamonds, the perfection of the cut and, especially, the dual certification in collaboration with IGI ANVERSA.

There are still many things I would talk about, but it is better that you discover on your own, paying us a visit or contacting us. So you can make a concrete idea of who we are. I hope that the poetry that soft whisper in my creations, you may perceive it as a discreet and refined enjoyment that embellish your person. I hope that you can perceive the poetry that I whisper in my creations, as a discreet and refined pleasure that embellish your person.